We aim to be the Premier Security Technology Expert and Service Provider in Singapore.

Asiatact is a software-hardware technologies security solution provider. Utilizing the latest development tools our team creates comprehensive solutions to better enhance your daily internal processes.

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Remote Gate Guard | Remote Visitor Management System | RGGS

 Remote Gate Guard   

The RGGS uses the latest technology, including high-resolution digital video cameras and recorders with secure Internet connections to offer high quality access control to visitors.

QeySecure | Security Agency Management System


QeySecure Security Agency Management System Workforce management software is designed to help Operation managers for All Security Agency.

Visitor Management System | VMS

 Visitor Management System 

                                                                        Automated Visitor Management system is Cloud based system to give concentrate access to all visitors data within the one dashboard.

We make security technology work for you, not the other way round - no complications, no hassles.

Too often, security technologies get in the way of you running and managing your Security Agency. This is because many service providers over-complicate things. As such, many Security Agencies end up wasting time managing their technology rather than their Agencies. Asiatact's security technology solutions are simple, straightforward and simply work - no complications, no hassles. They work for you, not you for them.

Secure Design

 Digital Consultancy aims to define a tight, digital strategy that focuses on driving your key commercial goals. 

Secure Develop

 CRO supports site performance by improving the ratio of site visitors converted into actual customers. 

Software Secure
Software Secure

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